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nubo, bringing flexibility to the bank branch.


nubo is a new architecture concept for access to financial devices which gives bank branches flexibility and mobility. With nubo, any user device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) can access and use the branch's financial peripherals (signature tablets, cheque readers, pinpads, cash recyclers, etc.) without there being any physical connection between them.

In other words, the employees of a bank branch will be able to access peripherals in a wireless manner, using, for example, an iPad tablet or an Android or iOS smartphone, or from their laptop with Windows 8, Linux or any other.


This new concept also allows the new device access philosophy to live alongside the existing architecture, irrespective of whether it is a heavy or light application, which uses connectivity standards or proprietary drivers, etc.


Cashware adapts nubo allowing clients to maintain their current investment, but installing a software that will allow them to evolve gradually.

  • Objectives
  • Access to bank peripherals without the need for cables between the user's device and the peripheral.
  • Independence from the operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc.).
  • Independence from the user's device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  • Coexistence with the client's current applications.
  • Use of standards for access to financial devices.

Our Products

Besides providing specialised services and custom solutions, we have a range of products implemented at important clients with excellent results. In every particular case, these products and solutions can be customised and adapted to each client’s specific requirements.