We are now Serquo.

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At Cashware we provide specialised services with top quality and flexibility.

Our services are founded on the following values and benefits:

  • Development
  • Support
  • Training

We develop connectivity solutions for Financial Institutions, Public Authorities and Retail. We cover and support all phases of a project: consulting, analysis of requirements, architecture design, development, testing and quality control, process definition, production and maintenance.

We offer different formulas for development and consulting based on flexibility, honesty, efficiency and dedication, from both a technical and economical point of view.

  • On-site development: providing specialised resources at the client’s installations under their instructions .
  • Turnkey development: assuming full responsibility for the project and providing, if required, own products or solutions to solve specific requirements

Our technical team offers immediate and exclusive support for all our clients, collaborators and distributors.

We place the source code for our developments and products at clients’ disposal, guaranteeing a maintenance service adapted to each client’s requirements.

We have a support team dedicated to providing this service as quickly, flexibly and professionally as possible adapting to the needs of each case:

  • Email, telephone or onsite support
  • Support service in Spanish or English
  • Questions or bugs resolutions
  • Corrective and/or upgrade maintenance

Our wide experience in device connectivity standards allows us to be among the best positioned companies to offer training in XFS, J/XFS and Xpeak.

With the objective of helping to maintain and optimise technology investments, we have designed a series of courses to be able to provide our clients and distributors with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain total control over all our products and services.

We also offer specialised courses on the following themes:

  • Development of XFS Service Providers in C/C++
  • Development of J/XFS Device Services in Java
  • Development of Xpeak Services in Java
  • Development of applications based on standards:
    • - In C, C++ or C# for XFS
    • - In Java for J/XFS
    • - In Java, .NET or HTML5/JS for Xpeak