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Xpring, the J/XFS solution.


Xpring is the solution that speeds up development on J/XFS (of applications as well as drivers or Device Services). It facilitates integration of the financial devices (recyclers, printers, card readers, etc.) with the banking applications (financial terminal) in compliance with the J/XFS connectivity standard.

Xpring is independent of the operating system (fully developed in Java) and of the hardware manufacturers (Device Services for all vendors and models devices).


It provides a set of tools integrated in a single Eclipse plugin for: development, tests, software upgrades, form editing, deployment of setup files, etc.

  • Benefits
  • Components


  • Makes applications independent of device models (plug & play).
  • Reduces new device integration costs.
  • Increases the number of hardware options available.
  • Minimises hardware investment.
  • Gives the entity full independence from equipment providers.
  • Allows for direct integration of device handlers using other interfaces or standards (DLL’s, WOSA/XFS, LAN DP).


  • 100% J/XFS, 100% Java
  • Independent of the operating system and hardware manufacturer.
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) in Eclipse, compact, robust, secure, with test and configuration functions, documentation and traces of every “Device Service” (Driver).
  • Wide range of “Device Services” for a wide set of devices.
  • Simple licensing per type of device not per workstation.
  • Possibility of obtaining the source code if required.
  • Easy incorporation of new “Device Services” and devices.

XPRING-IDE (Integrated Development Environment): set of tools integrated as a plugin in the Eclipse programming environment. Provides configuration solutions, tests, device simulation, deployment, form editing, etc.

XPRING-DM (Device Manager): allows the original Device Manager of J/XFS (J/XFS-DM) to be replaced, providing new and improved functionalities without deviating from the standard.

XPRING-DS (Device Service): set of J/XFS Device Services that can be acquired separately and which include numerous simulators allowing a large number of tests to be carried out without needing to have the physical device.

XPRING-DT (Device Templates): set of Java classes that allow for compact, fast and exceptional quality development of any J/XFS Device Service. All of Cashware’s Device Services have been developed using these templates, which make it possible to develop our Device Services with no prior experience in a short duration of time.

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